Cantilever Umbrellas


With a cantilever umbrella you can minimize intrusion
and maximize the flow of conversation.

Having no umbrella masts in the way of conversations will contribute to everyone having a great time. Shadowspec umbrellas create better experiences. Craft an outdoor room and extend your home’s footprint with a cantilever patio umbrella or increase your covers by offering outdoor dining space a your café or restaurant.

Cantilever umbrellas can be mounted in a variety of ways. Try a portable base with wheels so you can shift your layout throughout the year. In-ground and surface mounts are more sturdy and permanent - great for patios and alfresco areas where your other fixtures are also permanent.

An offset shade umbrella gives you a dynamic shade solution. Offset umbrellas rotate 360 degrees and tilt up to 18 degrees. Maximize your shade regardless of where the sun moves.  

Our gas-assisted lift, one-movement sliding action make our umbrellas perfect for the hospitality industry, ideal for use in bars and restaurants. With multiple umbrellas on one pole, each canopy deploys independently (under 10 seconds. Save time and money with your staff spending less time arranging furniture and more time with customers.

Our cantilever umbrella range:

Multi-Canopy Cantilever Umbrella
Su7 beach
Rotating Cantilever Umbrella
Cafe & Market Umbrella
Cafe & Market Umbrella

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The SU6 Multi-Canopy Umbrella is our flagship model. Exclusive and modular, the design breaks away from the typical parasol design - allowing you to mount up to 4 canopies from one central mast. The SU6 Umbrella allows you to create contemporary and exclusive spaces that stand out from the competition and keep guests coming back. It's the best cantilever umbrella of it's kind on the market.

The perfect partner is the SU7 Rotating Cantilever Umbrella. This umbrella is designed to be deployed and shifted with the sun. The SU7 umbrella is engineered for excellence, featuring the same easy-lift and one-movement technology as the SU6 umbrella. The SU7 is the perfect outdoor umbrella for a cafe, a patio umbrella, rooftop umbrella or backyard umbrella.

The Rotating Umbrella and Multi Canopy Umbrella are both a Cantilever umbrella with that have the additional option of lights. The LED lights are fitted in the center hub of each umbrella and operated by remote control (this option must be confirmed at time of ordering as it cannot be added retrospectively).

Our umbrellas feature marine-grade construction and UV protection in the fabric. We have a range of Sunbrella fabrics available in a range of colours so you can stand out or blend in. Protect yourself and your guests from the sun and weather while creating an entertaining space that will be the envy of your competition and neighborhood.

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