Sydney Umbrellas Case Study – Growing Backyard Spaces.

Dynamic and usable outdoor living spaces are at the core of our design philosophy. At Shadowspec we're always proud when our customers partner with us to deliver outdoor shade.

Graham lives in Balmain, Sydney. The property features a shared backyard space that backs up onto Port Jackson, creating a shared space that the residents can use.

Residential Backyard Design Challenges

The challenge Graham came across was that all the residents had their own shade solutions to use when they were spending time in the space, cheap umbrellas from hardware stores, portable shade sails and everything in between. It wasn't very streamlined nor designed in a way that matched the class of the space.

Covered outdoor living spaces increase both the property value and enjoyment factor of patios and the outdoors. You can't forget shade in the Australian summer and it should always be considered near the top of your list when designing outdoor spaces in Sydney.

The residents were also hesitant to plant additional large shade trees or permanent structures that would block the views of the water, the harbour bridge and the incoming ferries.

“We don't want to block the views of the harbour bridge. With the Shadowspec, we don't have to plant shade trees or have trees in the central area to give shade for picnics,” says Graham.

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Shared outdoor living spaces

The solution?  The Shadowspec Unity™ Duo was installed in the shared space to be rotated to cover the split levels, the top dining area and the bottom relaxation station. After a few months of enjoying the shade, the decision was made to add two additional canopies to the Shadowspec Unity.

Covered Outdoor Living Spaces, Innovated

The inherent modularity of the Unity allows for additional canopies to be added to the central mast as needs arise.  Now that the Unity is set up with four canopies in the quattro configuration, Graham has had to implement a roster system to ensure everyone gets the most out of it.

"It's popular throughout summer, around the holiday season, Christmas and New Year. It's made the space usable" says Graham.

The residents utilise the benefits of the Unity Cantilever umbrella in their backyard, using the Bluetooth function of the lights to enhance their dining experience. Each canopy has an independent power source which is great for extending the use of the space.

“On a warm evening, sit out here and you've got some light overhead. You can enjoy your meal, you're not dropping food everywhere. That's an excellent innovation. ” 

Now that the Unity outdoor patio umbrella has been put to work, the residents are learning of the benefits cantilever umbrellas can provide. The Quattro is perfect for shared spaces, there’s enough coverage for everyone to enjoy the outdoor oasis.  The Unity is great for harbourside shade, with a strong construction, it's perfect for the wind.

Graham adds, “If as the sun moves around, we can change the layout of the umbrellas so that we can have shade on the downstairs area or shade upstairs, or indeed we can shift it round so that both areas are shaded, it makes a convenient, entertaining space.”

Sydney Umbrella Partnerships

We’re proud to be able to provide outdoor shade to Graham and his apartment. It’s essential to the team at Shadowspec that we’re able to create solutions that support the visions of our customers and we’re happy that using a Shadowspec Unity™ Quattro has provided Graham with a great outdoor shade solution he’ll be able to use all summer long. If you’re in the market for outdoor shade or Sydney umbrellas our team is standing by to help you find the best solution for your outdoor space.

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