How much is the Shadowspec Unity™ Umbrella?

So you have been impressed by the innovative Shadowspec Unity™ Umbrellas and are wondering, how much would a quality umbrella like this cost?

We've been asked this question thousands of times and we get it. While it's not the only consideration, it's important and will often dictate the size, colour, shape and accessories you choose.


Here is your complete guide to the pricing of the Shadowspec Unity™ Umbrella.

How much does the Shadowspec Unity™ Umbrella Cost? What is included in the standard umbrella kit? How much do different fabrics cost? How much do accessories cost? How much does shipping cost? How much does install cost? Do you need expert advice?

Purchasing a Shadowspec Umbrella is a long-term investment. This is why we have compiled every last detail for you in this article to allow you to make no mistakes when finalising your decision.

This article is unbiased. We will not pressure you into any particular size, configuration, shape or colour but will give you all the information you need, and more, to make this decision at your own speed.

Please keep in mind pricing can vary depending on your geographical location. Prices in this article are estimates and averages. For exact pricing please reach out to our shade consultants for a customised proposal for your project.

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How much does the Shadowspec Unity™ Umbrella Cost?

Depending on your project requirements this price may vary, so let's walk through the individual prices that make up your final investment cost.

What is included in the standard umbrella kit?

The standard kit for the Shadowspec Unity™ Umbrella ranges from $7,136 to $19,219 and includes:

  1. 1 x Unity™ Frame & Mast - aluminium mast with one frame of the umbrella already attached.
  2. One, two or three additional frames to make up the configuration of your choice. Not sure what this means? Please read on to learn about this modular shade system in more detail.
  3. Fabric canopies to match the above quantity of frames in either Recasens or Sunbrella fabric
  4. One mounting option to suit your space

What impacts this price?

The biggest impact on the price of a cantilever umbrella is the size and configuration. To understand the pricing between the different sizes, shapes and configurations it is important to understand how this iconic Shadowspec Unity™ Umbrella can be adapted to suit your specific requirements.

There are four different configurations possible with the Shadowspec Unity™ Umbrella, which can mount up to four canopies on one mast. These are the Uno with one canopy, the Duo with two canopies, the Trio with three canopies, and the Quattro with 4 canopies.

Each additional frame adds additional manufacturing time and materials and provides a larger shade area, therefore increasing the price.

No matter the size of your outdoor space these umbrellas can adapt to suit:

The individual frame sizes are available in the square in both 2.5m | 8' and 3.0m | 10' sizes. These are the most popular sizes as they allow the frames to be mounted side by side and create the largest area of uninterrupted shade.

The octagon sizes available are 3.5m | 11' and 4.0m | 13' which can be mounted on opposite sides of the mast. Due to the width of an octagon canopy, these cannot be mounted side by side.

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The Shadowspec Unity™ Uno Umbrella can range from $3,990 to $6,726. This is the least popular size and is used where additional frames will need to be added to the mast in the future. Customers who require a single canopy umbrella will tend to look to the Shadowspec Serenity™ Umbrella as a lower-priced solution.
The Shadowspec Unity™ Duo Umbrella can range from $7,136 to $10,831. These can have frames mounted side by side or on opposite sides of the mast making one of the most versatile configurations.
The Shadowspec Unity™ Trio Umbrella can range from $9,818 to $15,055. This is a popular shade solution, perfect for shading those areas that it seems nothing else can.
The Shadowspec Unity™ Quattro Umbrella can range from $12,500 to $19,219. Very popular for shading very large areas, this umbrella is often installed in multiples where a permanent roof would bring challenges with building regulations and lack the needed versatility.

Mounting Options

Mounting options also have an impact on the cost of the Shadowspec Unity™ Umbrella.

The most cost-effective mounting options are the Surface Plate and In-ground Anchor as these are the most simple to manufacture. The Wall Base Bracket, made of solid 316 Stainless Steel and the larger Free-standing Base comes with a higher price.

Surface Plate In-ground Anchor  Wall Base Bracket Free-standing Base 
For mounting into existing decking, patio or even concrete Great for new builds or anywhere you can pour fresh concrete. When you can't fix your umbrella to the ground. Great for moving your umbrella away at the end of the day.


How much do different fabrics cost?

The standard umbrella kit pricing includes a quick-ship or stock colour canopy.

These colours are:

  • Oyster
  • Alpine Stone
  • Charcoal Tweed
  • Black

All other colours will incur an additional surcharge of up to $1000 per canopy. Striped canopies incur higher surcharges than a plain colour and additional fees vary between fabric pattern complexity.

We can custom-manufacture your canopy to your selected Sunbrella fabric colour from the marine range. Please enquire with your Shade Consultant for accurate pricing.

By using our colour picker on the product page you can select the different colours and see how this looks on the Shadowspec Unity™ model.

How much do accessories cost?

The accessories you choose can have a significant impact on the price of the Shadowspec Unity™ Umbrella. These must be factored in when considering your long-term shade investment.

Accessories are priced from $190 to $550 each, the zip-on Drop Blinds often add more and are dependent on colour, length and fabric style.

Accessories will make your Shadowspec Unity™ Umbrella much more versatile, giving you more value and enhancing your outdoor space. We often find customers leave these accessories out, before returning later to purchase them.

The additional upfront investment can make a significant impact on the outdoor experience and the longevity of your umbrella.

Accessories available with the Shadowspec Unity™ Umbrella are:

  • Rechargeable LED Smart Battery to power the inbuilt LED light - requires one per canopy.
  • Protection Cover which we recommend to protect your investment - one cover fits over all frames.
  • Wheels for the Free-standing Base.
  • Hardwire Kit for the LED light for permanent installations - requires professional installation.
  • Zip on Drop Blind that is compatible with square sizes for privacy - or blocking low-lying sun.
  • A Black Frame on some sizes

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping of large items such as the Shadowspec Unity™ Umbrellas can be very complex but don't worry. We have a team of experienced logistics coordinators who will arrange to track your delivery from the time it is dispatched until delivery at your address.

The largest cartons for the Shadowspec Unity™ Umbrellas are about 3m or 10' long, meaning special delivery is required, increasing the shipping cost. There are also additional smaller cartons containing the extra frames and accessories and deliveries can be substantial in size.

Providing an accurate indication of what your shipping could cost is difficult without knowing your specific location, however, we can tell you this could be anywhere between $150 to $3000 per umbrella.

If you can have your umbrella delivered to a commercial address, this will in some cases, reduce the cost of shipping.

How much does installation cost?

One of the most attractive features of the Shadowspec Unity™ Umbrella is that professional installation is not required. These umbrellas come pre-assembled and hand-built in our factory to the highest quality standards. For you, this means installation can be handled by almost anyone good with their hands and able enough to handle the weight of the frames.

The Free-standing Base offers the most simple installation, not requiring any permanent fixing. All tools required come with the base. Due to the weight of the Shadowspec Unity™ Umbrella, we recommend a two-person assembly.

The Surface Plate, In-Ground Anchor and Wall Base Bracket do require permanent fixings and for this, we advise contacting our Shade Consultants for a detailed installation manual, before purchase, so you can check your area meets the recommended requirements.

Should you choose to hire an independent installer for your Shadowspec Unity™ Umbrella, pricing will vary depending on the number of umbrellas that require installation, the mounting type and your geographical location.

Hiring independent help to install the Shadowspec Unity™ Umbrella may cost $200 to $1000 per umbrella, plus any travel fees the installation team may charge.

Shadowspec does not install, however, we partner with a range of independent umbrella installers covering most locations. Please ask your Shade Consultant to provide any available contacts in your area.

Do you need expert advice?

Now this was a lot of information for one short article. If you are still unsure what solution is best for you we recommend you reach out to one of our Shade Consultants.

You can send them photos of your outdoor area and a quick explanation of what you are hoping to achieve and we will put together a recommendation for you.

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Again, prices listed in this article are estimates and averages and may vary depending on your geographical location. We hope it has allowed you to get a better feel for the cost of the Shadowspec Unity™ Umbrellas and you now feel better prepared to make these often difficult buying decisions.

If you have not already, we recommend trying our umbrella selector tool. With a few quick questions, this selector will recommend the umbrella best suited to your shade requirements, based on your answers.

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All the best with your buying decisions, we look forward to speaking with you again soon.


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