Rotating Cantilever Umbrellas for California Elegance

Nestled between the waves of the Pacific Ocean and the vines of wine country, Pismo Beach is a laid-back Californian getaway. Pismo is situated between LA and San Francisco but you couldn’t get further away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities in this slow-down surf town.

Atop the famous cliffs, overlooking the surfers and butterflies, Dolphin Bay Resort and Spa sits proud. Ready to look after weary travellers, families on vacation and professionals on a getaway?

Taking advantage of those wanting a relaxing getaway, Dolphin Bay provides a great spot to stop off and unwind with spa facilities and natural hot pools just up the road.

The sun is as important to California as the ocean, the vineyards and technology. Protection from the sun's rays is essential to having a great time at Dolphin Bay and Shadowspec’s Rotating Cantilever Umbrella is ideal for the location.



Dolphin Bay purchased a suite of custom bronze powder-coated frames with Dickson Ecru square canopies. This custom design aesthetic melded with the existing fixings and elegant style that’s become synonymous with the resort.

From poolside to bar-side this umbrella is elegant, innovative and resilient. The marine-grade materials provide the perfect shade for any hospitality establishment. The rotational capabilities of the outdoor cantilever umbrella allow it to shade Dolphin Bay’s patrons all day long, following the shade to ensure a comfortable, relaxing day.

Dolphin Bay was concerned about the amount of time their staff were spending setting up their previous umbrellas. With 10 umbrellas throughout the resort taking up to 2 minutes per umbrella to deploy, staff were burning through time that could've been spent tending to patrons. Shadowspec's umbrella collection features one-movement gas-assisted lift technology that revolutionised Dolphin Bay's staff time.

With the Shadowspec Umbrellas installed, this time dropped to 5 seconds per umbrella, saving Dolphin Bay 4 weeks of staff time per year. That’s a whole month they’ve redeployed to customer service and care. If you’re interested in a custom shade solution for your Hotel, Resort or Hotel Establishment, our team of outdoor specialists is here to assist you so get in touch - we’re passionate about helping high-performing managers achieve great results.

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