Social Shade – Outdoor Patio Umbrellas for Bars and Restaurants.

Park Social in San Diego is a popular watering hole for locals looking for an up-market local cafe and bar with variety. Designed for residents and workers who reside in the vicinity, Park Social is the perfect place to relax in the Southern Californian sun. Curated craft beer, a delicious menu paired with a contemporary outdoor space. 

Shadowspec collaborated with Park Social on the design of their alfresco dining area. A bare outdoor patio with a few sporadic market umbrellas wasn’t fit for purpose nor did the patio match the vibe of Park Social. New outdoor patio umbrellas were chosen to spruce up the customer experience. 

“Well, we noticed our patio is a little bare and when our guests come by, they like to sit outside, who doesn’t in Southern California, so we want to make sure they’ve very comfortable dining in here.” - Brian

Dynamic Color Choices for 2024

Our favourite feature of the Park Social project is the offset color choices they made. Pairing the Shadowspec Unity™ Quattro Umbrella with Navy and Oyster canopies has created a look that stands out against the rust color of the building.

The cool outdoor space, with contemporary seating options and stylish shade, creates a dining area that’s bright and cheery. Customers are excited by the atmosphere and location of Park Social, from the synonymous park across the street to the pour-your-own beer system, Park Social has something for everyone. 

“It gets pretty sunny out here in Southern California, just looking anthem they’re beautiful looking, they’re big, easy, they’re great for any business that wants to provide shade for their guests.” 

Effortless Elegance with Outdoor Patio Umbrellas.

A core component of our design philosophy is elegance. It is all about clean lines, attention to detail and synchronicity with our surroundings. By incorporating clever design cues into the outdoor patio at Park Social, the team was able to create a space that’s busy all day long. Outdoor Patio Umbrellas add an air of contemporary quality to dining areas to improve and grow hospitality businesses.

“A great thing about these umbrellas is they’re easy to take down and put up, it’s literally just a little lever, pull down and the same thing in reverse, grab, push up.” 

Improve Customer Service with Patio Umbrellas

As a busy restaurant, quality and easy-to-use are key to any outdoor furniture installation and the staff at Park Social have taken full advantage of the Shadowspec Unity’s patented tech. Deployed in 5 seconds and easy to rotate, the umbrellas take the stress and fuss out of day-to-day setup for servers and enable them to spend more time looking after guests. This improves customer satisfaction and retention. 

“The umbrellas are pretty convenient. The way they’re set up, the base is not too bulky or anything, so it doesn’t get in our way.”  - Alan

Umbrellas with Distinction

Creating a space for locals to visit, any time of day is essential to the success of restaurants with outdoor patios. Shadowspec Patio Umbrellas have helped create an atmosphere during the day and night with the built-in LED lights. This enables Park Social to create a contemporary atmosphere longer, throughout the day. In hospitality, it’s important to maximize your tables throughout the day and if you can provide an alfresco area where patrons will stay longer for “one more drink” you’ll improve the per-table-spend on average over each week. 

“There’s also built-in LED lights, at nighttime we have lights underneath, so it’s not always shade at night!” - Brian

Commercial Umbrellas for Successful Bars

Successful, stunning projects are exciting and empowering for the team at Shadowspec. We’re always happy when our customers install their umbrellas and the vision comes to life. Creative solutions to modern problems drive us forwards and classy locals like Park Social is key to that. 

“Any restaurant or business that’s looking for really good, durable umbrellas, I would definitely recommend these umbrellas to keep your customers away from the sun while letting them enjoy the nice breeze”

If you’d like to upgrade your outdoor dining with patio umbrellas, Shadowspec’s team are here to help. 

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