5 Ways to increase profits with quality outdoor commercial umbrellas

Having a covered garden area or outdoor patio not only increases the usable space of your business, but it can make a huge difference to your bottom line too. Here are 5 ways to increase profits with quality commercial outdoor umbrellas.

1. Add large outdoor umbrellas to transform an area into an elegant zone for customers to enjoy

Adding large commercial umbrellas is the perfect solution to transform your outdoor area into an elegant zone for customers to enjoy. Turn unused space into a beautiful shaded area, perfect for long lunches or afternoon drinks. The Multi-Canopy Cantilever Umbrella is perfect for this.

2. Make the most of all weather conditions

Having covered areas that are both sheltered and accommodating to guests means that you are going to continue trading in your outdoor space when the weather turns unfavourable or becomes too hot. Installing large umbrellas ensures customers have protection from the elements and can continue to enjoy their patronage, while you continue to enjoy the profits.

3. Extend your branding beyond your building When it comes to retail and commercial space, being memorable and at the forefront of your customer’s minds is important to encourage repeat customers and brand loyalty. Extend your branding beyond your building and use your large outdoor umbrellas as branding tools. These can reflect your branding colors, slogans, logos or company names, and are often more memorable as they tend to be the first thing a customer will notice from the outside.

4. Increase your usable space

Having empty, unused space around your building is leaving money on the table. Make the most of sidewalks, back areas and gardens by installing large outdoor umbrellas and adding stylish outdoor furniture. Adding greenery and soft lighting where possible will add to the mood and ambience of the area, encouraging customers to spend more time and money at the establishment.

5. Create an exclusive VIP area

Nothing says VIP quite like an exclusive, closed-off area with ultra-stylish fittings, beautiful furniture and large umbrellas. Create a lounge area reserved for VIP dining spaces, special occasion bookings and premium bottle service. Market it as the go-to space for those looking for a more opulent experience and be sure to give them the ultimate service, they are sure to tell all their friends and be back again soon.

Outdoor umbrellas not only add a touch of class to patio and garden areas, but they can have a considerable commercial benefit to your bottom line too. Contact us today to arrange a personalized consultation and quote to suit your commercial outdoor umbrella requirements. Shadowspec is the leader in quality outdoor umbrellas.

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