SU3 | Wall Mounted Umbrella

From $1490.00*

Adaptable, modest, and convenient.
Versatile shade for unique spaces.

Manufactured from top quality, non-corrosive materials
Patented ‘easy opening system’
Umbrella can swing horizontally
Umbrella can tilt 18°

2 year fabric   2 Year Frame Warranty



*USA / Canada Pricing - excludes shipping and installation

Shadowspec’s SU3 Wall Mounted umbrella rotates, tilts and extends. It’s designed for small and interesting spaces. Key to this is the wall mount bracket that can be fixed on a wall, post, beam or pillar. Ideal for settings such as patios, decks and courtyards. A resilient and adaptable outdoor umbrella, the SU3 makes shade possible when a traditional parasol or cantilever umbrella isn’t the optimal choice for a sunshade.

The SU3 is designed for use in the home and garden. The SU3 is our ‘relax in the pool’ umbrella. Imagine your jacuzzi in the corner with an SU3 over top keeping you shaded on a warm day and protected from the rain in winter. Make the most of your outdoor living space with UV protection and UPF 50+ provided by our outdoor fabrics. Outdoor umbrellas provide enhanced enjoyment to your space year round, not just the small amount of time where conditions are perfect. Develop a better guest experience for your friends and family. The wall bracket allows you to dismount the umbrella when it’s not in use, saving it from inclement weather and extending the umbrellas life.

Colors are important when it comes to designing your perfect patio space and the SU3 comes in a range of traditional colors. ‘White Sand’ and ‘Platinum Grey’ are perfect for integrating into your surroundings whilst ‘Buttercup’ and ‘Terracotta’ make a real statement. ‘Denim Blue’ is also a popular choice this year. You could consider mixing two colors and making a real statement.

A great tip our shade consultants give is to choose your colour scheme based on other furniture and fixings on your property. Create a colour palette where your patio-deck-stain, outdoor seating and shade umbrella and harmonious and fit in with the overall aesthetic of your home and garden. Matching flower colors are also a great addition to an outdoor entertaining space. Our shade specialists are here to help you if you need some tips or more information.

 SU3 Layout 2   Su3 Layout 1  SU3 Layout 3
Wall-to-hub length  Canopy Length Canopy Width
  1520mm - 1920mm / 5'0'' - 6'4''  2700mm / 8'10''   2340mm / 7'8''
  • Premium Olefin ‘COSLAN’
  • 100% Solution Dyed
  • Maintenance: All fabrics can be washed and are replaceable
  • Shade Rating: UPF 40+
  • Colourfastness: 6-7/8
  • Weight: 190 g/m2
White Sand Buttercup Terracotta Taupe
White Sand Buttercup Terracotta Taupe
Black Widow Platinum Grey charcoal Denim Blue
Black Widow Platinum Grey Charcoal Denim Blue


2 Year Frame Warranty 2 year fabric warranty UV Protection
Water and Stain Repellant Easy care and maintenance Trusted for 25 Years

Wall bracket included as standard.

Optional extra brackets can be provided

  • Wall Bracket

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