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Our range of outdoor umbrellas is designed to be long-lasting, stylish and easy to use.

The best way to improve your outdoor areas is to improve your shade. Relax underneath effortless shade with a Shadowspec umbrella. Our centre pole models are resilient, classy and a breath of fresh air for your pool and patio areas. Maximise the enjoyment of your space by protecting your guests from the sun in the summer and the wind in the winter.

Use a heavy-duty Centre pole umbrella to shade a large space or go for a personal shade solution with our Cafe & Resort Umbrella. Both are great solutions for the hospitality industry as they can be custom branded with logos and colours to improve brand awareness and encourage customer loyalty. Centre pole umbrellas are the perfect patio table umbrella, provide a personal parasol for your patrons.  

We specialise in custom solutions and the modular SU6 Multi-Canopy Umbrella is perfect for crafting the perfect al fresco dining area. Mount 1-4 umbrellas off one central mast, this allows various configurations that can go around corners, meld into the settings and enhance the dining experience for everyone. Our range of Sunbrella fabric canopies gives a variety of options for you to show off your creativity, mix and match colours to create a unique setting that will impress and drive people to spend money at your establishment.

Our SU3 Wall mounted umbrella is perfect for home, it can extend, rotate and fold into tight spots. Perfect to pitch out over your spa pool during the day, the cantilever design enables you to keep walkways clear and optimise your sunshade.

Cantilever umbrellas are fantastic for offsetting shade, clearing the way for conversation and communication. The SU4 offset umbrella is designed to follow the sun around the day and year, it can rotate and tilt allowing you to tweak it’s orientation during the day to ensure you and your guests are comfortable all day.

The SU7 Rotating Cantilever Umbrella is a high-end sun umbrella that is designed to cover exclusive spaces, commercial or residential. Impressive and easy to use with a gas-assisted lift and one-movement sliding action. The SU7 (and SU6) also feature umbrella lights. Our LED lighting solution creates a great atmosphere for when the sun starts to go down, your guests can continue to enjoy the space long into the night.

Our umbrella bases are designed for all situations. Our portable base is great for areas that are redesigned and redeployed, perfect for a patio umbrella stand. Permanent fixings are also available, inground or surface mounted plates give you a long-lasting, sturdy solution, you can also get wall brackets for the SU3, SU6 and SU7.

Build quality is important to us and our umbrellas are made from marine-grade materials. Our canopies are graded to block UV rays with their outdoor fabric and have a UPF 50 rating.

Shadowspec has an umbrella for everyone, Patio umbrellas, Market umbrellas, umbrellas for your hammock. There’s an umbrella for everyone and Shadowspec is experts in shade. Browse our range and get in touch with us to speak with a shade specialist.

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