SU7 | Rotating Cantilever Umbrella

From $4,190.00*

Elegant, innovative and resilient.
Relax beneath effortless shade.

Manufactured from marine-grade aluminium
Exclusive Stainless steel componentry
Patented ‘one movement’ sliding system
Built-in 360 degree rotation
Gas-strut technology to aid deployment

5 Year Fabric Warranty   5 Year Frame Waranty



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The SU7 Rotating Cantilever Umbrella is an iconic outdoor umbrella. Engineered to last and create outstanding shade for guests, patron and members. Evoke effortless elegance with a SU7 from Shadowspec.

Rotate the SU7 a full 360 degrees with multiple locking positions. The sun moves across the sky during the day and the SU7 follows it. The gas-assisted lift and one-movement slider work in harmony to create an effortless deployment every time. Our patented technology enables your umbrella to be up or down in 5 seconds or less.

The options available for a SU7 configuration are vast. Mix and match colours throughout your setting to create an interesting and inviting space for your guests. Perhaps you could create a gradient feature transitioning from Terracotta to Buttercup across your dining area to evoke feelings of sunset and warmth.

The SU7 is available with a square or octagonal canopy, you can create dynamic spaces that fit and flow with your surroundings or pair them with a contrasting shape to make a statement. The creative angles you can take are limitless. High-end outdoor spaces thrive on continuity and thoughtful purchases of quality products that will last.

Optional LED umbrella lights can be fitted to the centre of each hub and are operated with remote control. The ability to create a space with unique ambience will increase guest comfort levels and outdoor lighting has always been a conduit for relaxation and enjoyment.

The SU7 can be installed with an in-ground anchor, on a portable base and even wall mounted. 

Summer is on the horizon and it is vital that your outdoor space is ready to protect you and your guests from UV rays. Our outdoor umbrellas are made from premium fabric that has up to UPF 50+ Protection. When the clouds close in and the winds pick up, the SU7 stands up. Wind resistant and waterproof, the perfect solution rain or shine. We do recommend retracting your shade system when the weather become too bad that you and your guests won’t be outside anyway. The SU7 has a protective cover that will extend the lifetime and ensure it operates well every time and looks crisp for every deployment.

The SU7 is suitable for both residential and commercial umbrella installations, one of our most popular uses is a pool umbrella. The combination of the rotation and easy lift enables owners to turn the umbrella from covering the poolside loungers to covering the pool in no time at all. The umbrella system is perfect in a commercial outdoor setting too, comfortable cafes and resort dining spaces benefit from improved shade.

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 SU6 Square Uno  octsmall


 2500mm or
3500mm or 4200mm   
8'2'' or 9'10'' 11'6'' or 13'9''  
Su7 Square Rotate SU7 Oct Rotate SU7 Rotate
Rotates 360 Degrees with ground mount Rotates 180 Degrees with wall mount
  • Premium Dickson Acrylic100% Solution Dyed
  • Maintenance: All fabrics can be washed and are replaceable
  • Shade Rating: UPF 50+
  • Colourfastness: 7-8/8 Weight: 290 g/m2
  • Waterproof rating: >300mm water column
Arctic White White Sand Slate grey charcoal Black Widow
Arctic White White Sand Slate Grey Charcoal Black Widow
Taupe Olive Green Midnight Blue Terracotta Bitter Orange
Taupe Olive Green Midnight Blue Terracotta Bitter Orange
Red Buttercup SU10 C Tweed    
Red Buttercup Charcoal Tweed    


5 Year Frame Waranty 5 Year Fabric Warranty UV Protection
Water and Stain Repellant Easy care and maintenance Trusted for 25 Years
LED-light Sliding-mech
LED Lighting Easy-lift technology
In ground anchor-w Surface Plate-w Wall Mount Rotation-w
In-Ground Anchor Surface Plate Wall Mount
Wall mount top-w Wall Mount Bottom-w  
Top of Wall Mount Bottom of Wall Mount  
Portable Base-w Portable Base Accessories-w-1  
Free-Standing Base  Accessories  

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