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Centre Pole Umbrellas


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Sturdy and iconic, our range of centre pole umbrellas provide a variety of shade options for outdoor dining.

Superior build quality and heavy-duty marine-grade materials will save you time and money on replacements. Centre poles are perfect for brand awareness, get custom printing and colours to extend your brand and stand out from the crowd.

Our market umbrellas are ideal for your business, restaurant or other commercial applications. The more traditional market umbrella is the SU2 which is our strong take on  the classic wooden market umbrella. The SU10 Commercial Centre Pole is tough, generous and practical and offers heavy-duty protection for enduring spaces like resorts and eateries.

Our centre pole range:

Commercial Umbrella
Cafe & Market Umbrella
Cafe & Market Umbrella
Cafe & Market Umbrella
Cafe & Market Umbrella

The SU2 Cafe & Resort Umbrella

The Cafe & Resort umbrella, our Market Umbrell, has been engineered to provide individualised shade. Easy to use and long lasting, it’s the perfect replacement to a budget wooden solution, lowering maintenance and replacement costs across the board will save you money in the long run. Get creative with custom branding and colour options to stand out and provide excellent shade and service to your guests or customers.

The SU10 Commercial Centre Pole Umbrella

 The SU10 is heavy duty and tough. It covers a large area off one telescopic pole allowing you to minimise the number of umbrellas required to shade guests. Plan your outdoor setting with shade in mind and match the aesthetic. The telescopic mast makes the SU10 a popular parasol in the hospitality industry. When you lower it, it adjusts to clear above table height. No need to move tables out of the way when it’s time to bring down your umbrella for the day.

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