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  • Manufactured from marine-grade powder-coated aluminium, stainless steel and other non-corrosive materials
  • Durable, heavy-duty, multi canopy mounting (up to 4 canopies on one mast)
  • Patented ‘one movement’ sliding system
  • Octagon or square umbrellas
  • Covers up to 38m2
  • Utilises gas-strut technology for ease of deployment


From $2,443.00*



Our prestigious, flagship model - the SU6 Multi Canopy Cantilever Umbrella.

This incredibly strong umbrella system has the ability to mount up to four umbrellas off just one heavy duty mastEach umbrella is separately operable allowing for great flexibility, enabling you to determine and cater for what size area you need to provide shade for.

This also means that 1 or 2 umbrellas can be purchased to start, with the ability to add additional umbrellas retrospectively. Various options are possible in both square and octagonal configurations, with multiple base fixings available including Surface Plate, In-ground Anchor and Portable Base.

Optional LED lights can be fitted to the centre of each hub, and is simply operated via remote control. This is not able to be added retrospectively, so must be considered at time of ordering!

Rain gutters are also available as an optional extra, allowing adjoining square umbrellas to be connected and so increase the weatherproof area.

It is the ideal hospitality umbrella, while also being a viable option for residential use. Mounting 2 or more umbrellas on one mast could offer the ability to cover both pool and seating space at home, or multiple tables at a cafe or restaurant.

The patented sliding mechanism and the use of modern gas-strut technology allows each individual umbrella to be easily opened and closed independent of the others. No crank handle winders.... just open or close in seconds with one easy movement.

And, for when it’s not in use, the SU6 outdoor umbrella is supplied with a protective cover to shield it from the weather when folded away. This ensures that your umbrella will withstand the weather conditions and last for years to come. Check out all the details below.

*International Pricing (excludes USA/CAN/AU/NZ)

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The Shadowspec SU6 Umbrella consists of 1,2,3 or 4 canopies on one mast. You choose where you want shade or sun! This makes the SU6 Umbrella an ideal hospitality partner:

SU6 Pole placement 1

SU6 Pole placement 2

  • Premium Dickson Acrylic
  • 100% Solution Dyed
  • Maintenance: All fabrics can be washed and are replaceable
  • Shade Rating: UPF 50+
  • Colourfastness: 7-8/8
  • Weight: 290 g/m2
  • Waterproof rating:>300mm water column
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Ground Fixings:

SU6 Base fixings1

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