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Engineered outdoor shade.

Your outdoor experience is shaped by how enjoyable and comfortable space is. From shade to furniture and the company you keep. That outdoor area is the most desirable place for humans to spend quality time. It's important that people are taken care of in the outdoors from the sun's harmful UV rays and rain which can ruin the evening. Prep your outdoor space for year-round enjoyment with an outdoor umbrella.


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SU7 3.5m Octagonal White

Is an outdoor umbrella right for you?

A Shadowspec outdoor umbrella is engineered to stand up and stand out. Our modular designs are thoughtful and concise, designed to help you enjoy the outdoors with effortless ease. Our top of the line cantilever umbrellas have no internal cables or tiresome winding cranks. One easy sliding movement is all it takes to add style to your outdoor space. There's heaps of great information on our blog so check it out here:


Outdoor umbrellas are great for your
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Where to use your outdoor umbrella

1. Backyard Deck Umbrella

Set up an umbrella over your outdoor setting to create a welcoming spot.

2. Outdoor umbrellas in hospitality

Patrons love a memorable experience. Why not give them that experience whilst increasing your bottom line? Try out our ROI calculator to find out how. 

3. Spa shade

Use a rotating cantilever umbrella to cover your spa during relaxing afternoons and the rest of your space when you hop out. 


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4. Ambience is comfort

Use our built-in LED lights to create brilliant ambience at night.

5. Garden Relaxation

Take a time out and enjoy protection from the suns rays

6. For that holiday home.

Shadowspec outdoor umbrellas are constructed from premium materials including stainless steel and solid-mould aluminium.

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