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Shadowspec Umbrellas — Toll-free: 844 888 5577 | Phone: +1 267 825 7781 | 200 Portwall Street, Houston, TX 77029, USA

Global Umbrella Manufacturer

Offering innovative cantilever umbrellas, designed and hand-built in New Zealand with a base in Houston, Texas. Delivery estimated within 7-10 days.

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How Our Umbrellas Differ

Patented & trademarked technology, superior products with marine-grade durability. Excellent after-sales care and 25+ years’ experience with shade.

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Eco-friendly Production

We consider all facets of the umbrella manufacturing process from umbrella design through to packaging. We don’t want our umbrellas in a landfill, ever.

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Shadowspec Unity™

Multi-Canopy Cantilever Umbrella


The Shadowspec Unity™ consists of up to four canopies that open independently of each other for impeccable shade. With a variety of configurations and sizes available, you can be sure your space will be covered. View the Unity >


serenity hot tub umbrella

Shadowspec Serenity™

Rotating Cantilever Umbrella


The Shadowspec Serenity™ Cantilever Umbrella is single canopy rotating umbrella. Engineered and hand-built to provide class and style to any outdoor setting. Easy-to-use quick deployment every time. View the Serenity >


retreat hot tub umbrella

Shadowspec Retreat™

Wall Mounted Umbrella


The Shadowspec Retreat™ wall mounted umbrella offers clever shade for compact spaces. It tilts, rotates and extends to follow the sun, all day long. Enhance your backyard, patio, hot tub experience or commercial space. View the Retreat >


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Your search for the Best Hot Tub Umbrella is over…

The Shadowspec Serenity™ and Unity™ (pictured) are strong cantilever umbrellas designed to be perfect as hot tub umbrellas or a spa side umbrella. They use gas-strut ‘Easy-Lift’ technology for effortless deployment every time. Crafted with marine-grade aluminium and stainless steel, every component has been designed and engineered to survive in the wild.



  • Shadowspec Serenity™ & Unity™ Spa & Hot Tub Umbrella
  • Optional Smart-battery lighting system controlled via the Shadowspec App
  • In-stock umbrellas ready for dispatch
  • Fastest Shipping – expected delivery 7-10 days
  • Volume pricing options available

Shadowspec Unity™ — Ultimate Hot Tub Umbrellas

A happy customer shares how the large hot tub umbrella has improved his outdoor space:

“It’s given us the ability to be able to use this outdoor space that we’ve got here, which in the summer we weren’t able to do because of the amount of heat that we get in this area. I was looking for something that would give us enough shade cover, and it’s quite a big space here. There weren’t that many companies around that offered that and this seemed to fit perfectly. I love the fact that the ease of putting it up and down, it’s very simple to use it’s got a rain cover as well, it just looks great as well, it’s brilliant.”

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