How do I stop my umbrella rotating?

If your umbrella is moving around its mount unexpectedly then here are a few tips to diagnose and fix the issue.

Are you finding your umbrella rotating or moving in a way that's unexpected? The first thing you can do is check the locking mechanism at the base of your umbrella. 

Shadowspec Serenity™ and Unity™

For Serenity™ and Unity™ models, ensure the base lock is seated correctly and the lever closes fully. This will engage the lock pin into the prescribed holes on your spigot. You can push your Rotation Lock Lever down with a good push. 

Shadowspec SU4 

The SU4 also has a locking pin at the base of the umbrella - ensure it is correctly seated and the pin engages into the holes on your spigot. 

Shadowspec SU7

The SU7 has a locking pin that slides between the base of the umbrella and the spigot - if this is missing please reinsert it to stop the umbrella from rotating. If you're missing the part or have lost it, contact our customer care team for a replacement. 


If you have any more questions on how to stop your umbrella rotating then please get in touch with our customer care team.