Why can't I rotate my umbrella?

A selection of our umbrella models can rotate to follow the sun. If your umbrella isn't rotating, check these things:

Shadowspec Serenity™ and Unity™ and Shadowspec SU4

There are a few things you can try to get your Shadowspec Unity or Serenity rotating. 

1. Ensure you fully lift the Rotation Lock Lever at the base of your umbrella. 

2. Use the supplied wax on the spigot before placing the mast on your mount.

3. Use a dry lubricant on the base of the spigot to allow the Rotation Plate to glide.

Shadowspec SU7

You can try the steps for the Serenity, Unity and SU4 and also check the locking pin is removed for the SU7 model. 


If you're struggling to get your umbrella to rotate, swing or move, please contact our customer care team for support.