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Unpacking my umbrella

When you receive your new Shadowspec Umbrella you should check to ensure you have received everything.

Shadowspec Serenity & Unity Models

The  Mast and Frame will come packaged as shown below**

**If you have purchased a Shadowspec Unity Umbrella, the additional frames will come in their own separate cartons.

Your Installation manual will be located at the base of the box (as pictured below)

Your accessory kit is located at the top of the box (as pictured below)

Additional accessories such as Canopies, Protection Covers, Smart Batteries and Surface Plates will also be located inside your umbrella box and not as separate packages.

Free-standing Base

If you have ordered the Free-standing Base this will come in its own separate carton as shown below. The feet and extra screws will be packed inside this carton.

If you have purchased the 'optional' castor wheels these will come in their own box and will likely be packaged inside the main umbrella box.


If you feel that you might be missing any items please contact the Customer Care Team