How do I use the Smart Battery for LED Light?

Your Shadowspec Unity™ and Serenity™ LED light can be controlled with an optional Smart Battery.

Your Smart Battery comes with an instruction manual in the box. You can also download it here.

Smart Battery Function Button / Battery Status Light.

The Smart Battery serves as a controller for your umbrella and can be controlled in a few ways.

The Function Button also serves as a pilot light indicating battery and / or charging status. The LED light can be operated by pushing this button or via your Shadowspec Mobile Application for Android™ devices. Please download from the Google Play Store.


Button functions

Push once - Light on - 100% full power / brightness

Push again - Light on - 50% power / brightness

Push again - Light off - Standby mode to accept Bluetooth signals


Battery status light function

Red light on - Unit charging

Green light on - Unit fully charged

Red light flashing - Battery requires charging