How to service my umbrella?

Preparing your umbrella for the summer season.

We recommend thoroughly checking over your Shadowspec Umbrella after long periods of storage.

By doing so, you can avoid any mad summer rush for parts that could delay your and dampen your summer experience - A few minutes now can save you weeks later on.

You will need the following (or similar) products:

- Multi-surface cleaner (must be suitable for fabric, plastics, vinyl, stainless steel and other metals)

 *303 is recommended by Sunbrella for use on canopies

- WD40 or similar (with lubrication and anti-corrosion properties)

- Old rag or cleaning cloth (avoid using your finest cotton sheets)

 *Coarse brush if cleaning your canopy.


Lubricate all the below parts and any other areas that have high movement. This is to ensure everything moves freely to avoid wear and tear.





Make sure to wipe down and clean your umbrella mast including any exposed stainless steel components to help avoid any corrosion.

This includes, but not limited to;

- The mast top to bottom
- Inside the Shadow glide track
- Your chosen mounting option
- Canopy (We recommend using a coarse brush and chosen multi purpose cleaner)