What’s trending: 20 outdoor design trends for 2020

As we head on into a brand new decade it’s time to look forward at the future of outdoor design and trends. If you’re planning on a landscaping adventure in the next little while then look no further! Here’s a comprehensive and brief list of trends for next summer. Let’s work together on your outdoor living space to get it summer ready with these outdoor trends for 2020.

1. Flexible and ergonomic furnishings

Look at hanging furniture that’s modular and dynamic - think classy hammocks and stylish hanging sofas.

2. Natural materials

The outdoors is our natural environment, look at natural materials in your outdoor furniture and look for a colour match in accessories; taupe, brown, grey.

3. Minimalism

Less is more - White can be the main colour with brushed aluminium material and accessories to provide that pop of interest you're searching for.

4. Outdoor kitchen

A solo BBQ isn’t enough anymore, build and extend your kitchen to your patio, including a wine cooler and perhaps a pizza oven.

5. Succulents

The succulent revival is now, no longer stuck in the 80's these low maintenance plants are here to stay and excite.

6. Flexible family gardens

Planter boxes with room to grow with your kids, providing a long term project they can be proud of. Fill them up with greenery that will provide an aesthetic bonus to soften some of your design edges.

Image by Marzenna Gaines from Pixabay

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7. Functional spaces

The real secret to design and 2020 trends is function, your space should look great and work even better.  Spaces that can be used for cooking, dining and relaxing will stand above the rest.

8. Outdoor fireplaces

Outdoor rooms are a hot trend and should be designed for year long use so look to install an outdoor fireplace or fire pit that matches your aesthetic. Check out our friends at Trendz

9. Darker colour palettes

Moving into the roaring 20’s look for charcoal grey or even darker. This gives the illusion of space and is a great way to modernise your place.

10. Stripes

Stripes don’t have to be reserved for furniture, look to create contrast with lines of colour or even textures. 2020 is all about defining spaces and stripes will help you accomplish this.

11. Mixed materials

Look to juxtapose materials this year. Concrete and oak, wicker and aluminium, copper and birch. Large swathes of singular materials are out and clean lines and variety are in. (You can pull in the aforementioned stripes this way.)

12. Shade umbrellas

Luxury outdoor umbrellas are the best way to maximise your useable outdoor space. Cantilever umbrellas are perfect for your family space.

13. Lighting

LED technology has brought forth a new age of design - use custom LED lighting to highlight the features of your outdoor space, with any colour you want. Strips of light along your edges or spotlights to highlight features of your outdoor design.

14. Modular furnishings

Multi-layout products are on-trend. Find furniture and fixings that can be moved and molded to changing perceptions and the shifting sun.

15. Metallic finishes

Copper, brass, aluminium and chrome are all on trend and will continue to be important to any outdoor design in future seasons.

16. Dual purpose furniture

Double the functionality of your furniture with furniture that provides another layer of function, side tables with a cooler, cushion storage in your seating. Get creative and create function that wows.

17. Accessories

Accenting your other purchases and design choices with the perfect cushions or towels is the equivalent of wrapping your area up with a bow.

18. Green

Green is going to be the colour of 2020 and beyond, look to incorporate plants and accessories with greens. It’s oxygenating and natural. Look to match trend colours with matching pastels and sharp blacks and clean whites.

Image by Marzenna Gaines from Pixabay

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19. Wooden decking & concrete pavers

Gone are the days of choosing between wood and concrete for your outdoor flooring - you’ve got to have both. It's a great way to define zones and create clean, clean lines.

20. Comfort is King

Your outdoor space should be comfortable and whilst this is the last note on the list, it should be at the front of mind through any process.


You’ll notice patterns arising from these trends and what it boils down to is 3 key categories, function, contrast and materials. 2020 and beyond will see an uptake in stark contrasts in living spaces both indoor and outdoor. When you’re looking for ideas think about mixing materials, contrasting colours and conflicting textures. Ensure your space is functional as well as amazing to look at and you’ll end up with a spot where you want to spend endless nights with your family.

Always consider the motivation when you're building an outdoor space.

What is the motivation behind creating an outdoor area? Is it to spend time with family?

Remember this is just a guide and the real key to a successful outdoor space is to set your trends, be creative and don't forget your relaxing space will need an outdoor umbrella.

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