Summer Hacks: The Best Pool Umbrella

What’s better than a summer in and around the pool with your friends and family? It’s a great way to relax and spend quality time. How can you look after your guests when the earth's journey around the sun reaches its tipping point, summer begins and the UV rays start to become stronger?

You’ve got to get the right shade for the poolside and we know it can be a challenge to get the right kind of shade, do you go for a fixed solution or something that can move with you and the sun?

We always suggest a Rotating Cantilever Umbrella for poolside shade in your home & garden It’s perfect for a raft of reasons.

Why are umbrellas the best for poolside shade?

There are many different types of shade, so why choose an umbrella? Using an outdoor umbrella for your pool gives you a lot of diversity compared to other shade systems.

With a rotating cantilever umbrella, you’ll have the ability to shade different parts of your pool area with just one umbrella. From lounging poolside under shade you can rotate your umbrella to cover up the water whilst you take a cool dip. A patio umbrella is a perfect solution to modular shade all day long.

What is a cantilever umbrella?

A cantilever umbrella has an offset pole instead of the traditional umbrella which features the iconic center pole. The offset pole is fixed to the ground on one side allowing the umbrella to stand free. This is practical for swimming pools as you can take full advantage of the shade, the pole is off to the side leaving all of the space under the canopy free to enjoy the shade. It is also an ideal shade umbrella for deck chairs, you can sit where the pole was, under the umbrella.

All day shade with a rotating umbrella.

You’re smart enough to purchase a rotating cantilever umbrella, all you have to do when you make the shift from poolside to in the water, you can, with great ease and great engineering, rotate the umbrella to cover up the pool. This is great for summer when the sun and its rays become harsher as you can still enjoy the fresh air and have a great time.

Another consideration is the position of the sun throughout the day and the year. A rotating umbrella allows you to adjust it 360 degrees to match where the sun is. Great for long, great days with the family.

Easy-to-use umbrellas. Effortless Elegance.

If you are concerned with ease-of-use, the Shadowspec rotating umbrella is one that you should consider. It has a gas-assisted deployment mechanism that allows one easy sliding movement, which makes it quick and effortless to move around and take up and down. No more strings to worry about

This gas strut also compensates the umbrella’s weight when you are raising and lowering it, making it ultra lightweight to move around.



Umbrella fixings and mountings

Your outdoor cantilever umbrella needs a good mounting option. Depending on the surface you plan on mounting it to, you’ll need either a portable or permanent mount. A portable mount will be weighted down with concrete pavers or if you choose a permanent solution you’ll be affixing it to the patio or decking around the pool.

It’s important to be mindful of tripping hazards around pools so keep that in mind when deciding on the best solution for your space.

We recommend a surface plate or in-ground anchor for poolside applications as they have the lowest trip hazard of our mounting options. The best choice is the in-ground anchor - whilst this has the most work to install, it’s the best option. If you’ve got a waterproof membrane around your pool, you’ll need either a wall-mounted solution or a portable base that can stand on its own.

Sun protection for your friends and family.

The main reason for your pool umbrella is to protect you and your family from the sun. The best umbrellas will have a canopy made out of UV and water-resistant fabric. The best fabric to use should have been tested to withstand the rigours of being close to a swimming pool and the harsh sun rays. After much testing, the Shadowspec team have chosen to use Sunbrella marine-grade fabric for their umbrella canopies.

To find out the best shade option for your pool area contact one of our Outdoor Shade Specialists, who are more than happy to help you find the best solution.

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