The Best Commercial Umbrellas for Bars, Cafes and Restaurants

We are just as passionate as you when it comes to creating an inviting outdoor space at your restaurant, café or bar. We believe the key to any successful establishment in 2021 and beyond is a quality outdoor space.

This can only be achieved by installing the best commercial cantilever umbrella.

What is the best commercial umbrella for restaurants? 

We’ve packed all our years of shade knowledge into the development of our flagship Shadowspec Unity™. The Unity is the world-class outdoor cantilever built from the ground up as a commercial umbrella. The Unity thrives in high pressure situations and is ideal for hospitality.

The best commercial umbrellas available work to remove frustration from restaurants and this is one of our core design principles. Shadowspec commercial cantilever umbrellas exist to make your life better.



Go with the flock.

The Shadowspec Unity is best in a group. The best commercial cantilever umbrella setting for restaurants is to create a full setting. We worked with the iconic Smacnally in Ocracoke, North Carolina. They’re a seasonal restaurant and favourite haunt of both holiday-goers and locals alike. Their pain points were the exposed nature of the pier dining experience and the seasonal nature of the business.

In collaboration with our representatives in the state, we created a plan with Quattro Shadowspec Unity umbrellas. In a row along the pier, this gives shade throughout the day and they can use the anti-gravity assist to lower the umbrellas, en masse, at the end of the day.

Another successful use of commercial cantilever umbrellas is at Top Chef, Jeffery Jew’s brand new restaurant - Lingr, In the heart of St Petersburg, Florida, this brand-new build takes advantage of the Shadowspec Unity to shade exterior diners. As a new build, it was essential that the restaurant could have extra outdoor seating to ensure adequate spacing between patrons while also looking amazing.

Purchasing the best commercial umbrella can be the making of your outdoor space. We're committed to supporting commercial restaurateurs and hospitality proprietors to assist in the layout and design of the shade for their outdoor space. By choosing Shadowspec, you’re choosing a quality product with a team to back you up.

We’re always interested in great outdoor projects and have a team of designers who can assist you with layout ideas, that are thoughtful and designed to ensure your umbrellas work for you to improve your restaurant and give you a significant return on investment.

The Shadowspec Unity will make you money.


Capital expenditure on a product like the Shadowspec Unity will save you money in the long run. By installing a series of outdoor umbrellas you’ll be able to save time on your setup every day, redeploying your staff to more important tasks, ensure lower replacement and repair costs and create a better outdoor environment to attract repeat customers to your establishment.

If you would like to talk to us about getting the best commercial cantilever umbrellas installed at your restaurant or café, we would like to talk to you as well.

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