Paving Design Ideas to Spruce up your Yard for 2022

We’ve often touched on the ways to update your outdoor area and new paving is a great way to do this. There’s no better way to get your neighbours poking their head up over the fence and looking down in awe at your inspiring, clean and tidy backyard with great paving.

Building the perfect paved area in your home can make a huge difference to the usability of your outdoor space and the general look of the exterior of your home.

First impressions count so, if you’re looking to create a paved area in your garden or exterior space, we have listed the most popular and most attractive paving design trends that we predict over the next couple of years.

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Grey colour schemes

It’s no secret that we are a nation of “grey” lovers, however, this isn’t a new thing and grey paving is the most popular choice amongst the majority of households as its neutrality means it compliments most colours and therefore gives you the freedom to change your mind a few years down the line. The influence of the Scandinavian living trend has led to consumers opting for much cleaner interchangeable designs, in much lighter and brighter colours, for both interior and exterior, making paving like concrete for example, a popular choice.

Easy-to-clean paving

Unless you have the time and inclination to clean your paving every few months, with a jet wash, then you will understand the demand for low-maintenance paving that appears clean all year round. We’ve all fallen victim to green paving slabs at some point in our lives and depending on the weather where you live, it comes back year after year and can become a nightmare for those trying to keep their garden in tip-top condition. Check out Primethorpe Paving’s Patio Maintenance guide for tips on how to clean your current paving.

Wood effect

Nothing can replace wood and it will never go out of fashion, which explains why so many people are opting for wood-effect paving. Just like the effect it has when used indoors, wood creates a warm and natural look when incorporated into the design. As outdoor space is subject to harsh weather conditions, wood will decay over time and for this reason, it is important to find solutions to create a look of wood, without the related complications.

Classic Cobbles

The oldest style of paving but one that has stood the test of time, cobbles are here to stay. Most popular amongst those with older properties and listed buildings. Cobbles blend in with their surroundings and are a great way to create a usable space, whilst maintaining a more rustic and natural feel. When arranged in striking patterns cobbles can be a subtle feature of any garden or outside space. Pair with mature plants and pops of colour to bring out the homey countryside vibe.


Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone tiles are popular in areas of the home that receive the most foot traffic since they are hard-wearing and resistant to scratches. Often used for seating areas in gardens and around pools and ponds, Natural stone has been a popular choice for years. The shift in buying habits towards quality, long-lasting materials is why we predict natural stone tiles will become a staple in garden redesigns over the next year.

Block Paving

Predicted to be an ever-growing popular choice this year, block paving boasts character and is easy to maintain, creating a long-lasting great impression all year round. Opt for tumbled block paving for rounded edges, or go for classic for a clean-cut, modern feel.

Enjoy your summer

Keep working hard on creating your home and garden for the forthcoming summer. Don't forget to pair your space with the right outdoor furniture, patio sets and of course outdoor umbrellas. We’re always on hand for a discussion about backyard projects. Don’t forget to check out ideas for umbrellas and more features to complement your paving over on our home and garden design page.

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