Articles and Ideas for your outdoor space from our outdoor experts

5-star lodges require the best outdoor furnishings

“We’ve got several Cantilever Umbrella's around the pool area and literally, 30 seconds to drop ...

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Shadowspec Unity Easy to use

How to calculate your ROI on a Shadowspec Umbrella

Luxury umbrellas look great, function well and save money. We’re always shouting from hotel roofto...

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5 Minute Guide to Outdoor Shade

What does your dream outdoor living space look like? From the kids' play dates and family barbecues ...

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Shadowspec Unity on a deck in NZ

3 Benefits of using a specialist supplier for an outdoor space

Reduce long-term overhead spending. Be consistent with your brand message and style. Stay within bud...

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Shadowspec Serenity on Deck in NZ

Airbnb Design: Design your Home for Profit

Have you ever thought about listing your home on Airbnb? You've got the extra space and the addition...

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Grow profits and membership satisfaction with strategic use of shade

When it comes to club management, two goals are at the top of every manager’s list – increased m...

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What is a Cantilever Umbrella, and why do I need one?

A cantilever umbrella provides a clear space underneath the canopy without the need for a centre pol...

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Shadowspec Serenity Over a pool

What is the best umbrella for wind?

Whether in the hospitality industry or the outdoor area of your home, there are few things more chao...

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The best outdoor shade options head-to-head

For bars and restaurants, having a terrace or a garden available for customers means more seats and ...

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Indoor Potted Plants

4 no-fuss ways to upgrade your outdoor living space

When revamping your outdoor living space, you are filled with endless interior, or rather, exterior...

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Make the most of your outdoor space this winter

Don't Pack Up Your Outdoor Living Area Just Yet - Tips to get the most out of it all Winter Long. Th...

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Umbrella Fabric Care – A Guide

As the change of seasons settles in upon us, the life-span of your outdoor furniture starts to depen...

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