Outdoor Design Trends 2022: 22 Fresh ideas for your backyard project.

2022 is on the horizon and Shadowspec is proud to present the third annual compendium for backyard and patio trends. The 2020 and 2021 editions of our quintessential guide have been a huge success, helping hundreds of people on their journey to create delicious outdoor spaces, made inspired design choices and entertain their friends and family.

2022 is about bringing people together in our new world.

1. White Wash Mediterranean


Photo by Graphicgum.com from Pexels

Outdoor spaces are going through a renaissance all around the world. With the proliferation of garden living and staying home, your zone must look good and fresh.

This years style has transformed to what is being described as “white wash Mediterranean” taking inspiration from social media trends and influencer style, the whites and soft features of modern fashion is finding its way outdoors

2. Aesthetic Garden Beds

Gardens go hand-in-hand with any outdoor space design. In 2022 gardens become even more important as “garden-to-plate” comes on trend. We’re seeing a lot of satisfaction from planting your selection of herbs and spices to...spice up your cooking experience. Consider Cilantro, Basil and Parsley to start with.

3. Outdoor Rooms

Creating a fantastic outdoor area doesn’t mean you need to be outdoors in the raw elements, sometimes a breath of fresh air is all you need. A growing trend for outdoor design in 2022 is creating spaces that are sheltered and protected to ensure you and your family can enjoy a covered site regardless of elements.

4. Bold flowers

bold flowers

Photo by Hiếu Hoàng from Pexels

In our last few editions, we shied away from too much gardening. In 2022 we are going in the opposite direction. Plantings of bold colours will accent your outdoor design work. Creating a beautiful, saturated garden experience.

Investigate using colour theory to create interest and dynamism.

5. Spa Pools

Creating a new relaxation station is always a great design challenge and you can get creative with it. In 2022 a great idea is to plan your build around a spa pool - forever a family pleaser a spa pool will always be on trend.

6. Technology

outdoor kitchen

Photo by Meruyert Gonullu from Pexels

Using technology to enhance your patio is always going to be a great way to create a better outdoor space. Technology is always getting better and this year's outdoor trend is automation.


7. Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens aren’t going away nor will they be disappearing from backyards. If you don’t already have an outdoor kitchen it’s time to look at bringing in a solution. This will become a core focus of your outdoor space.



8. Feature & Statements

The centrepiece of your environment is as important as the overall intention, you can either purchase a feature or statement piece such as an artwork, or a spa pool and build your design it or hunt out something that matches your deep conceptualisation. Whichever way you choose to fly, consider the overall aesthetic of your space and keep those considerations careful and you’ll have success in 2022.

9. Outdoor Cantilever Umbrellas

taurangaOutdoor cantilever umbrellas are an evergreen solution to shade. Shadowspec supplies Umbrellas that are high-tech, easy to use and look amazing. Our patented technology and features complement each other.

10. Gravel paths

Solid paths and paving are giving way to a more natural gravel look in 2022, the theory behind this is if you can make your yard look “not-on-purpose” or natural, you’re going to get a thoughtful outdoor space that will entertain and delight.

11. Minimalism

If you opt for the less-is-more approach consider focusing on one trend building material such as concrete or beech timber, 2022 is the year of uncomplicatedness, even though that may not be a real word, minimalism is another evergreen design concept that will create and maintain a beautiful space for a long time yet.



12. Water Features

Water features are back - maybe not ponds, they can be hard to clean and aren’t worth your time. Look to running water features that can create a light babbling aesthetic and break up the soundscape of your space.

13. Cafe Vibes

cafe vibe

Photo by Meruyert Gonullu from Pexels

Over the last two years, we’ve been heading to cafes with friends far less. In 2022 an emerging trend in backyard design is the backyard cafe. Cafes around the world are renowned for being designer's dreams, why not take that inspiration into your backyard and create an always-there-affair?

14. Eco-friendly

Air quality, health and the environment are front of mind for a lot of people due to the pandemic. Landscaping experts are suggesting that in 2022 our outdoor spaces will start to trend towards focusing on this eco-friendly theory. Consider planting native plants to your area to transform the ecosystem of your neighbourhood.

15. Quality Materials

If you want an on-trend, quality space you should look for, well, quality materials. Don’t take shortcuts - the experts don't take shortcuts - you want your space to be good for a long time. Consider the quality of your pavers, fence and other material choices as you would your umbrellas, your BBQ and your dining table.

16. Furniture

Comfortable chairs and designer tables are a staple in any outdoor setting - Large tables for the whole family will always be on trend and in 2022 there is a continuing pivot to creating spaces where friends and family can congregate to rekindle relationships, friendships and families after a hard couple of years.

17. Sustainability

Sustainable materials are becoming more and more important as we work towards more sustainable practices for our planet. Look to acquire recycled or reused bricks, paving or other settings - these rustic materials can turn into an amazing statement piece.

18. Fire

Chicago story

Fireplaces, firepits and heating options are a brilliant way to brighten up your space. Create warmth and welcome in 2022 to create a nice outdoor space for you and yours.

19. Green

Greenery is the best way to freshen up any space. Create a delectable and accessible space create zones, blend your area and enjoy the class.

20. Lighting

Lighting options grow each year and 2022 is no exception. This year look to increase the connectivity and safety of your space by installing RGB lights all around your space that you can connect to your smart device. This improves the safety and the nightlife of your garden.

21. Dinner Parties

dinner party

Photo by fauxels from Pexels

Hosting dinner parties are back. 2022 should be the year of outdoor dining and any new space design should consider dinner parties as the key component to any successful backyard or patio.

Large tables, heaped food offerings and yummy drinks are the order of the day.

22. Sociable

Be social, have people over (in a safe way) and enjoy the outdoor space you’ve created. That’s how you can have the most on-trend backyard in 2022.

Speaking of social, why not be social and share this with your friends, maybe they’ll be inspired to create a new backyard and invite you over for drinks.

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