How to enhance a resort or hotel exterior space and increase sales

Outdoor spaces have the opportunity to elevate the experience of your guests. When outdoor spaces go unused or un-optimised, they're not contributing to your bottom line.

Modifying your outdoor spaces or looking for ways to transform your unused areas are both an art and a science. Because optimising your outdoor space is more than adding extra chairs and tables to your patio - it's all about improving your brand.

Create a seamless experience.

First, it's important to understand that optimising your outdoor space is more than adding extra chairs and tables. When you begin to consider your outdoor concept, you have to ensure the quality of the fit-and-finish of the exterior space is aligned with what your clients have come to expect from your brand. Consistency is key both indoors and out. This means choosing the same style, quality, prestige, colours, and logos as are used inside and on any promotional material.

Having your exterior design consistent with that of the interior will help customers recognise the level of quality, lifestyle, and experience your brand represents and build loyalty with them while creating a memorable first impression with new customers. One easy way to improve brand consistency and visibility is to incorporate a quality, luxurious outdoor umbrella, consistent with your interiors fit-and-finish; and consider canopies branded with your logo.

Small spaces can be a goldmine.

When you start optimising the space, you'll identify some smaller areas that don't seem to fit in with the rest of the property or are underutilised. Before you dismiss them as unusable, however, take a second look and consider how you can transform them to create exclusive areas which, when coupled with white-glove quality service, and beautiful design, can command one-off additional charges as a local experience.

For example, a secluded area, or one with a more favourable view could be the perfect spot for romantic evening dinners for couples and marketed as part of travel packages to this client base. Or a rather dull part of your outdoor space could become a 'Chiringuito Corner' to serve tropical cocktails. In all these areas, consider the furniture and quality of the space to ensure that the experience can command an additional surcharge and generate great online reviews. Outdoor umbrellas are an optimal shade solution to create these exclusive areas, as they fit into smaller spaces while being versatile and able to be tailored to the needs of the individual patrons and matching with the quality of furnishings you would expect in an exclusive dining space indoors.

Create a comfortable and functional space.

We mentioned first the importance of brand consistency and small spaces because their potential tends to be overlooked. However, you shouldn’t forget the fundamental quality of any outdoor space: comfort.

To create a  comfortable space, you need to consider what the area is being used for - for example, lounging by the pool or perching by the outdoor bar. In general, you want to organise your space by keeping it uncluttered and choosing furniture of the right size. Also, make sure that decoration doesn’t take up too much of the livable horizontal space. Whenever possible, take advantage of vertical spaces.

Quite often, simple pieces of furniture can make a great difference, like adding comfortable seating around pools or benches near water features.

If you want an extra piece of mind, consider furniture made of weatherproof materials and outdoor umbrellas with UV-rated fabrics.

Create shady spaces.

In exterior resort areas, shade is another element that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. A common thought is that all shading solutions are the same, so one may as well go for the most convenient or cheap option. By contrast, shade is the one element of your outdoor space where it’s worth investing in luxury products.

There are many ways to add shade to an exterior resort space. Outdoor umbrellas and retractable awnings are popular options, or you can opt for the natural shade of trees or permanent structures like gazebos or pergolas with plants on top.

Enhance spaces with outdoor structures.

An exterior resort space that brings in customers and sales is more than just a given number of seats. It’s also a way to take your brand to the street and create a memorable first impression.

However, while style attracts customers, comfort makes them stay and come back. When you organise the space, keep it uncluttered, choose furniture of the right size and consider weatherproof materials and UV-rated fabrics.

Small areas can reveal a high potential, so don't dismiss the possibility of creating VIP experiences with them. Standalone structures like gazebos or pergolas are an option for creating defined areas for specific activities, or retractable awnings. However, you may want to use more flexible solutions such as outdoor umbrellas which don't require structural work for mounting and are perhaps the most versatile of any shade product. In any case, investing in quality products will be the smarter thing to do in the long run.


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