How To Make Airbnb Profitable With Outdoor Design

Have you ever thought about listing your home on Airbnb? You've got the extra space and the additional income would be nice, so why not? Now is a good time to act -  the hospitality platform is booming. Here's how to make Airbnb profitable and improve occupancy rates.

As competition among Airbnb listings is growing, property owners have to go the extra mile to make their homes stand out. One of the best ways to improve guests experiences is with an impressive outdoor space.

Read along to find out how to transform your home into a successful vacation rental and receive Airbnb revenue.

How To Make Airbnb Profitable

Location and interior are the first things potential guests consider when they search on Airbnb. A welcoming, comfortable garden or patio is a crucial point of difference.

In this blog, we will inspire creativity and advise on how to design an outdoor space for Airbnb that attracts the right type of guests.

Have an Ideal Guest in Mind

Even if being an Airbnb host is not your full-time occupation, you still need to treat it as a business.  Like in any business, the first question is: who’s your ideal client? Solo travelers, couples or families? Will you be catering to the elderly or a younger crowd?

‘Anyone and everyone’ isn't a good answer. It's impossible to design a living space that appeals to everyone. Based on this crucial decision, you can then choose the style and the accessories that best suit your ideal guest.

Use Quality Furniture

When designing your outdoor space for Airbnb, don't skimp on the quality of furniture. Always think in terms of functionality. Furniture should be weather-proof and hold up to intensive usage. Fabrics should be washable and keep their brightness over time.

Furniture should be treated as an investment. The more you put into your furnishings, the longer they will last and the better your space will look. Just running to a store and grabbing the cheapest accessories on shelves puts you at risk of having to return next season when weather and guests have worn down the cheaper materials.

Supply Outdoor Features That Are Easy To Use

Once your guests arrive, you want them to be able to enjoy the outdoor space. Have you ever stayed at an Airbnb where you couldn't enjoy the outside area because the firepit didn't have clear instructions on how to use it and it was too cold to stay outside? It's a frustrating experience, and these little details can affect your ratings.

Make sure the furniture and other outdoor accessories are easy to use and come with instructions on how to use them. In the same vein, make sure you are supplying the outdoor area with appropriate and adequate accessories. For example, if you are designing your space for a family, make sure your outdoor area has safe activities for the kids and is stocked with plastic cups and plates.

Add Shade With an Umbrella

Along with furniture, shade is the other important element of designing an outdoor space for Airbnb. Shade makes an outdoor area enjoyable for longer and will also provide your guests with extra privacy.

There are different options you can choose from, such as outdoor umbrellas, retractable awnings or shade sails. The most important thing is to invest in quality products that are easy to use, durable, stylish and protect from UV rays. Outdoor, for example, it is best to buy umbrellas from a specialized supplier. A specialized supplier will be able to provide you with customised recommendations to suit your home and specific needs - everything from colour to the model and the mechanisms used to open the umbrella. Look at center pole umbrellas, cantilever umbrellas or wall mounted umbrellas. You're sure to find an outdoor umbrella that's suitable for your home.

 How To Make Airbnb Profitable



Take Quality Pictures

Once you’ve designed an outstanding outdoor space, it’s time to showcase it on Airbnb with some eye-catching pictures. Make sure to show off your special outdoor features such as porches, water features, barbecues, comfortable-looking furniture and of course, shading solutions.

Don’t be careless here, this is an important step. Pictures are the best, and only, way a potential guest can see your property. You may have the best property in the whole area and know how to run an Airbnb, but if you don’t show it in pictures it will not catch the potential guest's attention. The best pictures enable potential guests to visualize themselves in your space.

 How To Make Airbnb Profitable

Once you've included these important outdoor features and a quality shade option in your home, you'll be in a prime position to compete with other listings on Airbnb. For help making your space come to life, make sure to check out our website for our range of high-quality outdoor umbrellas.

Hope you enjoyed reading How To Make Airbnb Profitable With Outdoor Design.

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