Increase Restaurant Profits with High End Patio Umbrellas

Sydney, Australia is a special place, a mix of people from different backgrounds coalescing into a vibrant and exciting city with a mix of residential, commercial and hospitality spaces. 

Outdoor seating and alfresco space are the most important locations for successful hospitality ventures. Creating spaces that are easy to maintain, have the right vibe and drive revenue growth. 

“The inspiration was we wanted to add another dimension to our dining and lunch experiences and saw a little bit more protection in our alfresco dining and outdoor area so we chose Shadowspec Umbrellas” - Obaldo, Manager, Andiamo Trattoria


Relaxed, Casual Food

Andiamo Trattoria, Chippendale is a thriving restaurant in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. Servicing delicious Italian food in a relaxed, casual environment, this popular eatery is located in a cool laneway with plenty of foot traffic and a tight-knit community of other hospitality vendors. 

“First of all the umbrellas look beautiful, they look amazing. And second of all, they are very easy to use, very practical.”

We worked with Andiamo to support them in the design of their outdoor space. The goal was to create an expanded dining experience that staff were confident taking bookings for. Therefore, No matter the season or weather. Using a high end patio umbrella to serve protection, style and beauty to the restaurant was the perfect solution. 

“Our short-term results were amazing because had the right timing to put up the Shadowspec Umbrellas, which it was winter. The umbrella brought us more sales and more guests because they felt safer under those umbrellas.”

Shadowspec Unity Providing Shade at a Restaurant


High End Patio Umbrellas

With the installation complete before winter, the restaurant realised the benefits of outdoor shade at restaurants soon after installation. Andiamo’s corner location within the laneway served up its own challenges with how to create shade without losing seating opportunities. 

With the Shadowspec Unity™ in the Trio configuration, the restaurant was able to cover the empty corner of the alfresco area with shade. The inherent modularity of the Shadowspec Unity provided perfect coverage. Coupled with the single mast design, patrons can enjoy a relaxing meal without multiple umbrella masts disturbing their vibe. This is the benefit of choosing a high end patio umbrella for hospitality spaces.

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“The difference between the Shadowspec and the normal umbrellas is you save lots of space in the middle as well as lots of time opening and closing them.”

High end patio umbrellas have added a new dimension to Aniamo’s offering and the short-term results have provided a boost to patronage and billings. The Shadowspec Unity has already paid for itself in terms of bookings, billings and time saved for staff. Creating a dynamic, exciting dining experience in Sydney. 

“We would redo this again because They already paid for, the umbrellas themselves and now it’s only profit. It was important to cover up the space.”



Drive Hospitality Growth

We’re proud of this project and in working with Obaldo and the team at Andiamo, we’ve proven the benefits of high end patio umbrellas in a hospitality setting. Creating a space where patrons can visit, dwell and enjoy quality cuisine will create return customers and positive reviews that drive hospitality business growth and sustainability. 

If you’re in and around Sydney, a visit to the restaurant is recommended. The food is amazing and the shade is perfect too. We’d love to hear your gastronomical reviews. 



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