Cavalier Golf and Yacht Club Pool Umbrellas

Situated in the prestigious Virginia Beach, Virginia, The Cavalier Golf and Yacht Club is an exceptional venue for members to gather, relax and enjoy the amenities. Members can tie up at the dock, head inside for a beverage or, of course, hit the green.

Celebrate, connect and enjoy. 

Cavalier Golf and Yacht Club features one of only 12 legendary Charles Bank-designed courses in the world.  The 6,175-yard, par 69 course sits in the beautiful birdneck point neighbourhood of Virginia Beach. 

Umbrellas for Pool Improving Outcomes at Clubs.

The swimming pool facilities at Cavalier Golf and Yacht Club were underutilized by members. The facilities team contacted Shadowspec Umbrellas to assist in upgrading the space to make it more appealing to families, swimmers and members. 

The traditional setting and aesthetic of the club drove us down the middle of the fairway, as per usual, towards oyster canopies on 8’ umbrellas for pools. Cantilever pool umbrellas are great for spaces where views need not be disrupted. In the Cavalier Golf and Yacht Clubs pool area, it was important to not block lines of sight throughout the area. This creates an open, clean environment wherein members can relax unencumbered. 

The Shadowspec Serenity™ is easy-to-use and deploys in 5 seconds this is essential to the staff at clubs, enabling club staff to spend less time on setup and more time focused on members.

Cavalier's pool area was transformed with the introduction of cantilever umbrellas in the pool area. 

Find your place in the sun

If you’re in charge of facilities at a country club, or golf club here are a few ideas to implement across your club to achieve the same success as the Cavalier Golf and Yacht Club. 

New Loungers

Poolside loungers are the quintessential poolside furniture piece. Careful, though, when you update your loungers, you may need to implement a booking system, they’ll be that popular! 

Pool Umbrellas

Long days in the sun require shade to protect your members from skin damage. As Cavalier learnt, cantilever pool umbrellas are perfect poolside partners and the mast can be installed offset from the frame and canopy providing unobstructed views of your pool area. The Shadowspec Serenity Umbrella is an exceptional umbrella for pool areas.  

Bar Carts

We’ve seen great success in bar carts. Whether it's a converted golf cart or, something more, a “pushable cart”. impress your members by bringing the refreshments to them. We’ve seen a few clever ways bar carts can be implemented and we encourage you to investigate this as a way to improve member satisfaction at your club. Bar carts are a sure-fire way to improve connections and grow a new, younger membership base.


Outdoor terraces can be upgraded with a “hole-in-the-wall” style bistro where your members can enjoy a relaxing, outdoor meal in the fresh air. It’s no secret that humans enjoy being outdoors and dining is no exception. Upgrading your terrace or patio to include an easy-access bistro will transform your club and extend your seasons. Perhaps our favorite addition we’ve seen over recent years is semi-permanent food trucks as a point of difference to golf and country clubs across the world.

Pool umbrellas for Country Clubs & Golf Clubs

With a clever use of shade, you can create a memorable experience that others in the industry won’t be able to match. Being knowledgeable and implementing the latest furniture designs can help clubs renovate their clubs, improve member satisfaction and grow your membership base. 

If you’d like to investigate improvements in your outdoor space, our dedicated shade specialists are here to help


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