Case Study: Umbrellas with Distinction – Crowne Plaza Resort

Welcome to Guam

You may not have been introduced before, but this literal island paradise in the Pacific is a popular holiday designation for Americans and nearby Southeast Asia. Over a million tourists venture to Guam for tropical sands for the iconic sunsets, calm waters and warm sun each year. 

Guam is also the closest landmass to the famous Mariana Trench, our dear planet's deepest point. There’s plenty to enjoy on the island, including today's subject,  the Crowne Plaza Hotel. 

Shadowspec worked with the Crowne Plaza in Guam and nearby Saipan to install a suite of Shadowspec Serenity Umbrellas in their outdoor pool areas. A popular space for guests to unwind and relax, the pool areas lacked a shade solution that fit the aesthetic and elegance of the hotel.

Outdoor Cantilever Umbrellas

“For starters, the umbrellas look great. they are also very easy to operate. The modern design of the umbrella is also important to our guests to spend more time by the beach or by the pool. The umbrellas improved our short-term goals by creating a space people want to return to.”

Hotels and Resorts focus on customer satisfaction, relaxation and comfort as benchmarks for service, by installing Shbadowspec Umbrellas the Crowne Plaza can meet these goals whilst saving staff time operating the umbrellas.

“Long term, the umbrellas are a perfect addition to our pool areas, offering great shade and easy to operate for the staff so they can spend more time with the guests.”

The Shadowspec Serenity is designed for hotels and resorts, it’s easy to put up and down and creates a seamless, fast experience. With a 5-second deployment time, Crowne Plaza staff save hours every week getting pool areas ready for customers to enjoy. That time is reallocated to serving customers and ensuring a luxury experience that is expected from a high-end resort

“My favourite feature about the umbrellas is just how good they look. Their addition to Crowne Plaza greatly improves the overall aesthetics of all our pools.”

High-end Aesthetic Shade

At Shadowspec we have a core focus on aesthetics and design. It’s important to us that our umbrellas stand up and stand out. High-end resorts require umbrellas that are beautiful and enhance spaces, not create obstructions and visual pollution. Guests can rest, and relax, assured their time will be spent in comfort and bliss. 

The tropical, island location has challenges for outdoor furniture and umbrellas as the marine environment can lead to deterioration. Shadowspec Umbrellas are built from marine-grade materials that create a perfect tropical umbrella solution. Aluminium masts are combined with solution-dyed acrylic that won’t fade and stainless steel components. 

“I would explain the umbrellas to a friend as the perfect umbrella. Easy to use, comfortable and beautiful they are great.”

Tropical Relaxation Under Shade

The Shadowspec Serenity features UV-resistant canopies from Sunbrella. These are perfect for coastal and tropical locations with a lot of sun. Creating an effective sun barrier to prevent sun damage to guests and create a comfortable space is essential to relaxation.

We are proud to partner with the Crowne Plaza to create a space where their customers can unwind and create unforgettable memories with their friends and family. Shadowspec Umbrellas are the perfect hospitality partner and hotels and resorts all around the world are discovering the benefits of luxury shade in their locations. 


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