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Shadowspec Retreat RustPractical, stylish and useful, Wall Mounted Umbrellas are first-rate. It makes sense right, why waste space on the ground with Free Standing Bases or masts? We have had hot demand for Wall Mounted Umbrellas at Shadowspec. It is designed to give you more options to create shade. Our R&D team has been hard at work designing, developing and producing the Shadowspec Retreat™.

The Shadowspec Retreat is full of New Zealand innovations, considered with care to create what we believe is the best wall mounted umbrella in the world. The Shadowspec Retreat is the latest member in our line of luxury outdoor umbrellas. The Shadowspec Retreat has been designed to be mounted on the wall and folded down to a low profile when not in-use. The Retreat is ready for summer.

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What are the benefits of Wall Mounted Umbrellas?

No two outdoor spaces are alike and Wall Mounted Umbrellas are brilliant for those outdoor spaces where Center Pole or Cantilever Umbrellas are not fit for purpose. Wall mounted umbrellas don’t have a mast, this allows for a selection of additional features. Tilting, rotating and extending are all easy to do and effective. The Retreat is designed as a balcony shade, an apartment shade, an alfresco café shade or a spa pool shade. You are not limited to these use cases, what a fantastic starting point though right? The combination of the additional features allows you to create a malleable and productive shade.


What are the best uses for Wall Mount Umbrellas?

Shadowspec Retreat Cafe StripedDo you live in an area that you cannot shade with a cantilever umbrella or a centre pole umbrella? Is your space an awkward shape? We have the solution with our Wall Mounted Shade. We thought about the spaces that people need to shade when engineering the Retreat. The canopy frame is hexagonal, allowing for new angles to be opened. Modern living and hospitality spaces are restrictive about what you can fix to the ground. Balconies often have waterproof membranes that cannot be bolted through so wall mounting is the option.

Adding colour to your space is also a key consideration of any outdoor product. Our design team has selected a range of modern, trending colours as part of our introductory release of Retreat Umbrellas. These are designed to either stand out, contrast or blend in with your outdoor space all whilst making a statement. There are three neutral tones to choose from as well as an iconic Rust colour and for the first time, a stock Black and White Striped canopy.

Using our experience and internal design principles that we inject into all our Shadowspec Outdoor Umbrellas, The Retreat is here to help you create picture-perfect spaces.

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Commercial Wall Mounted Outdoor Umbrellas

Shadowspec Retreat AlpineHow about a sidewalk café? Boutique, modern or classic, regardless of the aesthetic your establishment pertains to, will require a shade solution. Awnings are a common choice for sidewalk hospitality. Making the most of your council allocation in your alfresco space is important and filling it up with ground mounted umbrellas will lead to sacrificing table space. Awnings make sense, they’re connected to the wall. The downside however; they’re fixed and rigid with little recompense for adverse weather. Retracting with a winder or automatic system takes time and energy that, face it, isn’t what we got into hospitality for.

A wall mounted umbrella on the other hand is a great option The Shadowspec Retreat Wall Mount Umbrella is an ideal hospitality partner. It is not hyperbolic that people prefer outdoor seating at hospitality establishments. Stainless steel and anodised aluminium components are important in a commercial setting and wall mounted umbrellas from Shadowspec have been designed with quality materials in mind. To us, there’s no point in creating a wall mounted umbrella that isn’t fit for purpose. Therefore, we’ve been thoughtful and considered in the selection and production of the Shadowspec Retreat.

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