Jump into these backyard pool ideas for 2024

Ready to take the plunge? Swimming pools are swell, they provide a centrepiece for any outdoor space, give you something to point your outdoor furniture at and have great health benefits for you and your family.

There’s a pool out there for every outdoor space. Above-ground pools for a pop-up solution, lap pools for fitness or the ever-popular in-ground family pool with crafted curves to fit your backyard.

There are so many options, so to help find the best backyard pool we’ve pulled together a few that suit different budgets, yard sizes and quality to get you back into the swim of things.

An above-ground pool.

Often seen as an entry-level pool option for families looking to get through the summer in a cool way. The lower price tag of an above-ground pool is a carrot for a lot of families but, there are other additional benefits to be had:

  • You can take the pool with you, or move it to another spot in your yard
  • You can build a patio and seating area around it as a long-term project
  • Some land types can’t be excavated with ease
  • You can grab one last minute for an instant cool-off.

A modern take on this classic is the container pool - a drop-in solution built from a shipping container. Containers are modular and very on trend in 2020. Some designs even come with a divider to create a spa pool at your leisure.

An architectural pool.

Structured with clean lines that blend with your high end home. These pools are crafted as an extension of your home, using the same materials and thought-processes to build a cohesive, consistent look and feel. Geometric, sophisticated and functional, these pools are impressive and comfortable. If you’re working through a new build it’s the perfect time to plan for a pool to be designed at the same time.

It'll be important to involve your landscape architect in your pool plans so your garden and landscaping can be consistent and clean.

An indoor pool.

These pools are, well, indoors (not in the backyard, sorry). Indoor pools are great for year-round swimming or training and are popular in cold climates or maybe, for athletic pursuits.

An indoor swimming pool is pretty straightforward—it's inside, under a roof and insulated by at least three walls. Indoor pools are simple, geometric shapes and are built for swimming or training throughout the year in cold climates.

A lap pool.

A lap pool is built for health and fitness purposes. Long and narrow, built for one or two people to swim continuous laps. Lap pools make a great feature of backyards with a long, narrow nook or can be added on to the end, or side, of your existing pool build should you require a mix of styles. For high-end properties and budgets, you could even look at an endless pool system if you need to just keep swimming.

An In-ground swimming pool.

Perhaps the most popular of backyard pool, nothing quite evokes the feeling of a BBQ party like a relaxing float, beverage in hand and kids laughing and playing in the pool. This style of pool has soft curves that blend well with the natural layout of your garden and yard. In-ground pools should be your first port of call, they can be concrete-based or even pre-built from fiberglass.

Pool considerations

No matter which direction you go with your pool, remember to consider the surroundings. You’ll need a great patio with seating, shade and safety features.

Remember to include a pool fence in your budget it's often legislated and is important to protect children from the pool. Pool fences can be stylish, match your home and provide the protection you need. Remember to purchase seating and dining options that match the overall design of your space and don’t forget a cantilever outdoor pool umbrella from Shadowspec.

Shadowspec's Outdoor cantilever umbrellas are the perfect pool umbrellas. Check out the Shadowspec Serenity™ with its built-in rotation. Cover your poolside lounger whilst you're relaxing and rotate it over your pool when it's time for a dip.

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