Outdoor Living Trends 2024

Outdoor Living Trends 2024

Sustainable Practices & Design Ideas – We’re Looking at 2024 and Beyond

Outdoor spaces are important, designing outdoor spaces for comfort in the present and comfort in the future is the best way to get the most out of your space. Tastes change, people change and trends change so here is Shadowspec's Outdoor Trends 2024 edition:

1. Black

Slick, sleek and ever-present. Black is back. At Shadowspec we've seen an increase in people choosing black umbrellas. This is in line with outdoor design trends we have seen in outdoor design through our research.

2. Low-maintenance Gardens

No one wants to spend too much time outdoors working. Patios and gardens should be for relaxing not working so choosing low-maintenance plants and garden designs is the best idea.

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3. Sustainability

The future of design in sustainability. Outdoor Living Trends 2024 will lean into this even more as it continues to be the heart of everything we do. Look to ways you can incorporate repurposed, sustainable products in your furniture, features and designs.

4. Blended Kids Playgrounds

We all want our kids to enjoy the outdoors, and spend time away from the screens unless they are reading this blog - they can do that, so creating spaces where they can enjoy your backyard is essential to any patio design. However, it doesn't need to be gaudy or distracting. A great idea is blended kids' playgrounds that don't stand out or detract from the aesthetics of your space.

Outdoor Living Trends 20245. Spaces to Share

Creating spaces for others is key to good outdoor design. Spaces you can share with friends and family with ample seating, shade and activities for everyone, you have the perfect outdoor space.

6. Raised Garden Beds

An outdoor trend in 2024, according to my back, is raised garden beds. There is no need in 2024 to be bending over all the time to plant and pick vegetables. Invest in raised garden beds. These provide additional clean lines and design opportunities.

7. Natural Pools

Swimming pools are an evergreen outdoor design item. A new trend that will see an increase in 2024 is the natural pool. Using plants and moving water to filter your pool as a "designer lake" instead of chlorine and pool filters is worth looking into this year.

8. Outdoor Seating Outdoor Living Trends 2024

Outdoor and patio furniture is essential for any space. Comfort, class and style can be achieved with the correct outdoor furniture choices. We suggest lighter natural tones for 2024. These will offset the aforementioned black trend. Creating a comfortable juxtaposition.

9. Shade

We would be remiss, at Shadowspec Umbrellas, to not mention shade. The sun is harsh and seeking refuge from it whilst outdoors isn't a 2024 thing. It's important to install shade in any outdoor patio project.

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10. Bird Feeders

Invite nature into your space with modern bird feeders. Fresh air and birds chirping are some of the signs of summer arriving and providing a healthy meal to avian friends is a great way to bring them in.

11. Lights, Lights, Lights

Yes, it is almost Christmas but that doesn't mean outdoor lighting has to be a multi-colored-seasonal-mess. Installing outdoor LED lights is essential to creating a luxury ambience. We suggest Wi-Fi or smart controllers to enable control over the temperature, colour and brightness of your outdoor lights.

Outdoor Living Trends 202412. Fireplaces & Fire Pits

Finding a feature or focal point for your outdoor space is key to good design in 2024 and there isn't a lot better than an outdoor fireplace. Cooking, warmth and something stylish to point your furniture at.

13. Smart Garden Automation

Device-connected garden essentials are the perfect way to upgrade your garden and patio area. Control your plant watering, lamb cooking, and lawn mowing. Perfect for busy people and tinkerers to create something that is theirs.

14. Garden Sculptures

Invest in local artists this year. A great way to create an outdoor space that is yours is to install garden sculptures from local artists, that way you know your garden is different and special.

Outdoor Living Trends 202415. Spa Pools

Relaxing with a spa pool is hard to beat - therapeutic, comfortable and iconic. Outdoor spaces in 2024 aren't finished without a spa pool, Jacuzzi or swim spa. 

16. Pizza Ovens

Pomodoro, basilico, mozzarella, pizza. Your own, personal outdoor pizza oven will serve you all year round. Stylish and popular, pizza ovens will make you the talk of the town.

17. Outdoor Umbrellas

Installing outdoor umbrellas in your patio space is an outdoor trend in 2024. Cantilever umbrellas are an iconic outdoor furniture product that evokes a certain lifestyle, providing protection from the sun and comfort no matter how far through 2024 we are.

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18. Consistent Design Materials

Outdoor Living Trends 2024 will be anchored by consistency. When you are designing outdoor spaces and purchasing accessories, you must choose consistent materials and preferably sustainable materials. Decide on your theme early in the planning process and focus on bringing those core concepts throughout the design. If you are using oak wood on your bench tops, use oak wood throughout the space. This will tie everything together.

Outdoor Living Trends 2024

19. The Outdoor Kitchen

A BBQ on a trolley isn't enough in 2024. It's time to install a full outdoor kitchen. Multiple cooking surfaces, BBQ, Oven, Stove top. Food prep areas, beer fridges and yes, even the kitchen sink. Outdoor kitchens will be on trend in 2024.

20. Lawnternatives

Our new favorite portmanteau, diverse lawn crops or edible garden is key to creating a soft textured space. Investigate clover and creeping thyme to increase backyard biodiversity.

21. Outdoor Mega Games

Garden games are on trend. Big Jenga, Kubb and Petanque are fun for everyone, easy to pick up and throw and set a dedicated lawn space for outdoor games.

22. Dining Spaces

Outdoor eating is nice. Another outdoor trend 2024 will bring us is an increase in outdoor dining spaces that are comfortable and clean. We are big fans of wood and metal-styled furniture to create a faux-rustic feeling in your outdoor dining space.

Outdoor Living Trends 2024

23. Clean Lines

Outdoor design trends in 2024 should follow clean design lines. Sharp and focused - ensure everything is clean and balanced by using square lines and purposeful placement of your outdoor features.

24. Less Is More

You don't need to pack everything into your space. The best outdoor spaces in 2024 will be defined by how they orient the outdoor furniture and features and how they work together to create a cohesive, comfortable communal courtyard that will be perfect for 2024 and beyond

If you'd like to learn more or upgrade your space with cantilever umbrellas, get in touch with our shade specialists. Hope you enjoyed reading Outdoor Living Trends 2024.

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