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Wall Mounted Umbrellas


Outstanding benefits of a Wall Mounted Umbrella 

Outdoor shade is something most homes need, but not all of them can accommodate a regular pole mounted umbrella due to space limitations. However if floor or ground space is the problem an off the wall umbrella provides a great shade solution.

The SU3 wall mounted umbrella is SHADOWSPEC'S solution for areas where space is limited or where there are ground fixing restrictions, such as decks, patios, and courtyards. These wall mounted umbrella models are simple and easy to operate. When not in use, they fold away tidily. The SU3 wall mounted umbrella can also be entirely removed from its wall mount without the use of tools.

The SU3 umbrella is available in 8’10” diameter hexagonal shape, has a telescopic mounting arm that extends from 4’7” to approximately 6’6”. This wall mount patio umbrella swings horizontally and tilts 10 degrees. It is available in a range of popular colours, including black, charcoal, white sand, denim blue, buttercup yellow and terracotta. 


Quality Components make Quality Umbrellas

Like all the patio umbrellas in the SHADOWSPEC range, our wall mount umbrella options are manufactured from top quality materials and components, including anodized aluminium, stainless steel, brass and other non-corrosive materials. The wall mount umbrella canopy is made from 100% solution dyed fabric providing excellent quality cover.

Using our wall mounted umbrella models couldn’t be easier because of SHADOWSPEC’s international award-winning and patented 'Easy Opening System.' With no internal moving parts, cables or winding crank systems, these wall mounted umbrellas are a fantastic option for shade in a compact area.

Each of our wall mounted umbrella options includes the relevant wall fixing bracket that will secure the off the wall umbrella to the wall where the patio umbrella will be mounted from. A protection cover is also included with each wall mounted patio umbrella free of charge to keep the product in excellent condition when not in use. 

wall mount umbrella

Off The Wall Umbrella Models Create Maximum Clear Space

A wall mounted umbrella isn’t only a great solution in situations where spaces are tight or where there are ground fixing constraints. It is also a stylish addition to the outside areas of a residential or commercial property. SHADOWSPEC off the wall umbrella models come in a range of popular colours to suit almost any taste or design theme.  Additional benefits include easy removal of the umbrella from its bracket for storage at the end of the day, for use in multiple locations or packing away over winter.

Enjoy the many benefits of a wall mount umbrella by ordering your own at SHADOWSPEC. Call us at 844 888 5577 (toll free) for a discussion on the best wall mounted umbrella for your needs. Alternatively you may email us at info@shadowspec.com for questions about any of our range of premium umbrellas. 

off the wall umbrella
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