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Rectangular Patio Umbrellas


It’s very common to find both square and octagonal patio umbrellas, however a rectangle-shaped umbrella can often be more functional.

Outdoor events, such as alfresco dining or poolside entertaining areas, are much less weather dependant with an appropriate set up of outdoor umbrellas. Depending on your outdoor area, you may consider a mix of standard and rectangle umbrellas or the rectangle options may fully suit your needs.

For commercial applications such as restaurants, cafes and bars, rectangle outdoor umbrellas are ideal for providing cover over rows of tables and seating areas. An offset rectangular umbrella is also an option for hotels and resorts where they can be located around pools or on sun deck areas. 

Rectangular Patio Umbrella - Shadowspec


Use a Rectangle Patio Umbrella to Enhance your Outdoor SPace

Rectangular outdoor umbrellas are an easy and simple alternative to standard awnings. Our Shadowspec SU6 Duo configuration with the optional rain gutter creates a rectangle umbrella system with a variety of fixing options, including permanent ground mount, wall mount or portable base options.

Because a large rectangular patio umbrella is able to provide more shade than round umbrellas of the same dimensions, a rectangle patio umbrella is excellent for providing maximum shade protection for your family and friends.

Whatever the style or shape of your outdoor setting, you can make outdoor entertaining more relaxing, providing a place where you can take time out during the hottest part of the day. 

Rectangle Patio Umbrella - Shadowspec

Shadowspec SU6 - The Most Versatile Rectangular Cantilever Umbrella Model

A high quality SHADOWSPEC rectangular patio umbrella is a sound investment because once installed, it is there for use any time of the day or night for year after year. So why should you choose the SU6 cantilever umbrella model?

Firstly, you are buying from a reputable company, one that specialises in patio umbrellas and not a general range of products. SHADOWSPEC is a well established brand that has supplied and designed umbrella systems all over the USA. Dealing with us guarantees that you’ll get accurate advice on the best umbrella or umbrella system to buy, but also that you can be confident that you get the relevant expert knowledge and backup service.

We have a range of sizes available, contact us to learn more about our options!

Rectangular Patio Umbrellas - Shadowspec

The Dickson Constant acrylic used on our Shadowspec SU6 range has excellent UV block out ratings for the sun and has good waterproof characteristics too. The choice of the fabric colour is  yours, and having a range of colours to choose from ensures you can select one that fits with and enhances the surroundings of your outdoor space.

Furthermore, SHADOWSPEC umbrellas that are constructed with premium materials that will endure the test of time and stay looking great for a long time, featuring excellent engineering, versatile design and the use of only top quality materials.

All the umbrellas in the SHADOWSPEC SU6 Duo or rectangular outdoor umbrella ranges are manufactured from marine grade aluminium, stainless steel, brass bushes and other non-corrosive materials to ensure maximum durability of these patio umbrellas.

So if you are looking to buy an offset rectangular patio umbrella or rectangular cantilever umbrella we suggest you at least make contact with our experienced team of trusted umbrella experts to discuss your requirements and get their advice on the best large rectangular patio umbrella or cantilever rectangular umbrella that will fit your needs. We are only a toll free phone call away on 844 888 5577 or if preferred, just send us an email to info@shadowspec.com  

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