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Large Patio Umbrellas



Large Patio Umbrellas - Shadowspec

Extra-large patio umbrellas are the perfect accessory for your outdoor area.

Installing a large patio umbrella in your outdoor entertaining area ensures you are able to use it to full capacity. Whether it be hosting family gatherings or having friends over for a barbecue, an extra-large patio umbrella will provide ample shade and cover for when you need it. Many other domestic and residential applications can utilise the protection provided by an extra-large patio umbrella. Whether you intend to throw pool parties or simply are wanting your kids to spend more time outdoors over the summer, whatever the need, if you are outdoors you can likely well do with a large cantilever patio umbrella or a large offset patio umbrella for maximum coverage when spending time outdoors.

Extra Large Patio Umbrellas

Large Cantilever Patio Umbrellas – Shadowspec

Patio shade umbrellas come in a variety of sizes, but if your area will accommodate it, large patio umbrellas are often the best to ensure maximum coverage. With large cantilever patio umbrellas, you can ensure that there’s a cool and shady oasis during social gatherings where everyone can not only enjoy food and refreshments but also retreat to should it get too hot or rain unexpectedly. You can also use a big patio umbrella to create a comfortable outdoor lounge area for those who like to take a break or relax.

With SHADOWSPEC, all your large patio umbrella needs are covered. We offer a range of large patio umbrellas up to 16’5” in size. We also offer large offset patio umbrella and large cantilever patio umbrella options if that is preferred over the centre pole models.

Large Offset Patio Umbrellas

Large Offset Patio Umbrellas - Shadowspec

Apart from those already mentioned we also offer other extra-large patio umbrella solutions, such as our unique SU6 multi-mast large cantilever patio umbrellas which have the ability to mount 1, 2, 3 or 4 umbrellas off the one mast. Extra-large patio umbrellas are designed to provide ample coverage, and our flagship SU6 large cantilever patio umbrella features a flexible design that allows a number of different configurations including L-shaped and rectangular covered areas.

With this unique large umbrella for patio use, you can mount as many as four square or two octagon umbrellas on the single heavy-duty mast. Each individual big patio umbrella can be operated individually, allowing you the flexibility to have open or closed only the number of large patio umbrellas you need on any given occasion.

Big Patio Umbrella

A common request is to cover a rectangular shaped area. Instead of installing the traditional square or round shaped, extra-large patio umbrella, our large cantilever patio umbrella Shadowspec SU6 Duo option is much more ideal for this type of situation. This SU6 multi-mast large offset patio umbrella model offers far more flexibility than the regular extra-large patio umbrella models.

In summary, the SU6 Duo is the ideal large umbrella for patio dining use. This configuration can offer a rectangular large cantilever patio umbrella shade option of either 16’10” x 8’2” or 20’2” x 9’10” in size. What makes these SU6 large offset patio umbrellas stand out even more is that they are incredibly simple and almost effortless to operate unlike the more traditional large cantilever patio umbrellas like frankford that utilize pulleys and cables with a winding crank-handle system.

For some expert advice on large patio umbrella, large cantilever umbrellas and large offset umbrellas we suggest you get in contact with our friendly Shadowspec team to get their recommendation for your particular requirements

We offer a complete range of large umbrella for patio use so call us at 844 888 5577 (toll free) or send an email to info@shadowspec.com to outline your requirements.

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